8 Toxic food for dogs Food 7 will shock you

  • 4. Avocad

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Everyone’s favorite healthy food, the avocado, may not be so healthy for tykes. They contain a poison called persin which can beget serious damage and indeed death to some creatures. According to croakers, tykes are more resistant to that poison than other creatures, but its troubles are still there so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
An indispensable fruit that dogs can eat is the banana. They ’re high in potassium, vitamin B6, C, magnesium, and fiber. But give them to your tykes in temperance because they contain a lot of sugar. 

  • 5. Raw meat

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Raw meat (fish included) may be dangerous not only to your canine but to you as well. Raw food may contain dangerous bacteria similar as salmonella. And despite the benefits a raw meat diet could potentially have, the troubles over weigh them. 
Still, spare, cooked meat is absolutely fine for a canine to eat as long as there are no bones in it.

  •  6. Sweets

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Sweets Similar as delicacy, goo, and indeed ignited goods can be dangerous to your canine’s health. What they all have in common is xylitol. It’s safe in humans, but it’s largely poisonous to tykes and it could lead to low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure, or indeed death.  
Some types of peanut adulation are safe for tykes as long as they do n’t contain xylitol.

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  • 7. Milk and dairy products 

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Numerous doggies are lactose intolerant, so giving them milk or other dairy products may not be a great idea. They do n’t pose major pitfalls to our faves’ health, but they can beget loose droppings, gas, puking, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. 
A healthy and safe volition would be oatmeal. It’s high in fiber and contains vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants which will keep your pet healthy. 


  • 8. Cherries 

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Tykes should n’t eat cherries because their recesses, stems, and leaves contain cyanide, a toxic chemical that can be murderous if consumed in high amounts. Maraschino cherries have their stems and pits removed, but they ’re still unsafe for tykes as they ’re veritably high in sugar. 
Kiwis are a good volition. They ’re safe for tykes as long as you make sure to remove the skin before feeding them to your doggy. They ’re veritably rich in Vitamin C as well. 
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