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 What is PetCo's Dog Training Program? 

PetCo at present proposals in-store preparing just as web based preparing considering the pandemic. Their techniques are meshed into their saying, "Preparing Takes Positivity" which is established on the encouraging feedback strategy. 

PetCo canine preparing programs are very like PetSmart canine instructional courses. 

For their in-store classes, they have private and gathering exercises. 

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Petco dog training reviews

Private Classes: 

Single Private Lesson $89 – Personalized learning zeroed in on your canine's exact requirements 

4-Session Private Lessons $229 ($56 per meeting) – offers private bundles and steady canine preparing exercises 

6-Session Private Lessons $299 ($50 per meeting) – customized classes that adjust as your canine learns 

Gathering Classes: 

Complete Package $379 ($475 Value) – Comprehensive program that addresses you and your canine's issues. 3-Class Package incorporates – 19-weeks of preparing, three gathering classes of your decision, and one private exercise. 

The Essentials Package $249 ($298 Value) – Training rudiments to help your canine's certainty. 2-Class Package incorporates 12-weeks of preparing, two gathering classes of your decision, Level 1, 2 or AKC Canine productive member of society class. 

Single Classes $149 – including: 

  1. Pup Level 1 (4-6 months old) – zeroing in on socialization and acquainting your little dog. 
  2. Pup Level 2 (4-6 months old) – essential conduct preparing 
  3. Grown-up Level 1 (six or more months) – Communication preparing with your develop canine 
  4. Grown-up Level 2 (six or more months) – prologue to more progress and complex preparing 
  5. AKC Canine Good Citizen – affirmation is perceived as an elevated requirement of canine conduct 

PetCo Dog Training Pros 

PetCo offers fun preparing for both you and your canine 

Your canine will learn orders like sit and down 

PetCo Dog Training Cons 


Not close to as viable as they might want you to accept 

For their in-store classes, they have private and gathering classes. Private classes give customized preparing to your canine which costs at least $89 for a solitary meeting with choices for four and six meetings evaluated at $229 and $299 separately. 

Concerning the gathering classes, these are offered either in bundles or single classes. The Complete Package gives a tweaked and exhaustive 19-week program with 1 private exercise and AKC (American Kennel Club) Certificate. You can get this at $379. There's likewise the Essential Package at $249 which is a 12-week fundamental preparing program. You can look at their entire in-store offers at their site. 

Their online classes start at $99 which is a 4 meeting bunch with a limit of 6 members in particular.

Petco dog training reviews



Working with animals

Managers cared about you

Fast paced


You may have to stay at a cash register for all of your shift.

They push you to sell dog training



Supportive, positive, great benefits, deep network, continually evolving company.


Dog training program is too fast for complete noobs to dog training, and it doesn’t recognize the established dog trainers in a way that values their time or experience. From store to store and within their internal social media, you’ll see a vast array of different trainers employing different methods, with all kinds of different backgrounds in training. Once trainers pass the corporate program, they aren’t vetted or quality checked again. Unless something egregious happens.



+You get to learn about and work with animals

+The store helped to host adoption events


-Too few employees working at any given time, and management wouldn't give us a decent enough budget to hire more. Often there were only 2 or 3 workers in the entire store while we were packed full of customers. As a result, we weren't able to help customers in a timely manner, and several customers walked out in response. We also weren't able to finish all our tasks in a timely manner, and the store appeared dirty and disorganized

-Whenever equipment broke, upper levels of management were slow to respond, and always went for the cheapest response instead of the most effective, ironically costing the store more money in the long run

-Managers deliberately cut corners when teaching their dog trainers, and pressured me to sign a paper saying I had done things that I hadn't in order to prepare me to become a dog trainer

-Speaking of dog training, management expected me to sell classes, but made it nearly impossible for me to do so, constantly putting me on the register alone where I had to take care of customers quickly and couldn't take the time to talk to them about the benefits of our dog training classes. When I did sell classes, management sabotaged them, putting me on breaks at times when I'd previously scheduled classes with customers and making me late to those classes

-Scheduling sucked. People ended up working overtime due to the low numbers of workers and comparatively high demands, and then were chewed out for working overtime. But if they didn't work overtime, they were chewed out for not meeting demands

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