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 What is dog crating?

Using large crates is that the stockade of wire, metal, or plastic with a door during which a dog is often reserved for refuge, security, or transportation. Dog crating can protect the house and when moving to new surroundings. Crates are sometimes a controversial subject among dog lovers, and it's understandable because like most things people do get over-excited.

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Why You Should Not Use Dog Crates As A Punishment

For what purposes should we use dog crating?

Dog crates are typically wont to train puppies so that they get won't to a selected area within the house and stop them from damaging the other household material like furniture, cushions, or breaking dishes. We need to use crating for the training of our pets and their protection, however many of us use it as a sort of punishment, which could lead to counterproductive results.

The disadvantage of using dog crates as a punishment:

If you would like to offer your puppy a punishment, allow them to enter a separate area instead of sending them to their crate or kennel. Using the crate as a punishment makes the pups very iffy and also makes them feel isolated. you ought to not make the concept within the minds of puppies that crates are for punishments. this may make them difficult to manage and if a puppy doesn't trust you, training them is going to be next to impossible.

Using crates as a punishment makes pups feel insecure:

Crates are a safe place to stay dogs. They consider it as heaven during which they will eat, they will sleep easily, and that they can move or can sit easily, however, these crates aren't made to stay the pups altogether day.

Drawbacks of punishments:

Punishments have many disadvantages that affect the dogs and their health. So, the subsequent are the drawbacks of giving punishments to the dogs:

Punishments make the dogs weaken:

  1. Dogs feel insecure in punishment
  2. The health of dogs are often suffering from punishment
  3. Punishment makes them feel isolated
  4. Dogs become difficult in punishments


The main purpose of the dog crate is to make a positive image for your dog. Dogs feel secure and calm inside crates provided you equal the time spent within the crate with affection. to make sure that your dog is happy inside the crate, give them time to regulate and alter your schedule around to offer them enough time for outdoor activities. consistent with the above-given explanation, in a nutshell, dogs should be kept in crates for the subsequent purposes:

  • For training of dogs
  • To keep an eye fixed on your pets
  • For their protection from any harm

So, you ought to follow these instructions to form your dog feel secure and safe.

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