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The Japanese Tosa has been bred for many years in Japan. They were bred within the old Tosa province, now referred to as the Kochi prefecture. This breed was developed between 1868 and 1912 by crossbreeding the Kochi and Shikoku with Western dog breeds like the German Pointer, Mastiff, Great Dane, Bulldog, St. Bernard, and therefore the Bull Terrier. The Tosa was originally bred as a fighting dog. On just one occasion the Tosa province was one among head fighting areas. They were bred within the art of Japanese dog fighting - relentless and silent. The dog is banned in some countries as a dangerous breed. However, with proper socialization, handling and training they will make an exquisite family dog.

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Growth and Appearance

The Japanese Tosa may be a massive dog with a really large head and a long squared-off muzzle. thanks to the Japanese Tosa's background in dog fighting they're grouped into three classes: light, middle and heavyweight. the typical weight for a Tosa within us is 120-170 pounds for males and 90-140 pounds for females. In Japan, they weigh about 66-88 pounds. They stand 24 - 32 inches at the shoulder. they need a brief dense coat that comes in solid, brindle, or multi-colored red, fawn, apricot, yellow, black, and brindle. there's often a black mask around their muzzle and white markings on their chest and feet.

Dog Care and Grooming

Because of the Tosa's short coat, it's very easy to groom. Just an occasional brush to get rid of dead hair is all that's needed to form their coats look good. the Japanese Tosa does drool, however it's not as bad as other mastiffs.


Like all of the Japanese dog breeds, the Tosa may be a very loyal dog. they're extremely smart and pay close attention to their commands. they're a quiet breed but still a superb watchdog. once they do bark, their bark is deep. they're protective, courageous, and fearless. Leadership from the owner must be displayed in the least times. they have to be socialized as puppies to make sure obedience and adjustment. Aggression and attacks from the Japanese Tosa are generally thanks to poor handling and training. Owners must be naturally authoritative over the dog, but in a calm, firm, confident and consistent way.

A stable, well-adjusted and trained Tosa is usually good with other children and pets within the family. A well-trained obedient Tosa won't snap or bite its family. the Japanese Tosa is great with children because it is protective and delicate towards its family. they have a robust firm, confident, and consistent pack leader who will keep them within their rightful place below the humans in the alpha pack order. Lines and rules must be set within the family pack. Japanese Tosa's who are allowed to require over as top alpha is going to be aggressive.

The height 

the Tosa averages around 24 inches with a weight ranging between 80 and 200 pounds and lives about 12 years.


The Tosa must continue a daily walk or jog, to satisfy the canine’s primal instinct to steer. Dogs that don't get to travel on daily walks are more likely to display behavior problems. In theory, this breed requires only a mean demand for exercise but will enjoy and be healthier with more. These dogs observe jogging companions.

The temperament 

Tosa is that of a really brave fearless dog attuned to his master's wishes. they're protective and constant. The Tosa is often exceptionally quiet and were bred to be a quiet dog due to Japanese fighting rules. The Tosa is often affectionate toward relations, reserved with strangers, but will accept someone new is introduced. However, thanks to their size, they ought to not be left around children.

If you select to have a Tosa as a watchdog, an outsized fenced yard is sufficient for its exercise demands. But, they wish to choose walks or jogs to satisfy their own got to walk. you would possibly get behavioral problems if Tosas aren't taken on daily walks.

Is Tosa Expensive?

Any time you think about getting an outsized dog, of course, the expenses are going to be that far more. Breeders spend tons to supply the puppies and can charge quite what they are doing for little dogs. once you do get your dog home he will eat more, would require a robust outdoor kennel or good fencing around your yard, and if he does have any health problems (like hip dysplasia or bloat) the expenses are going to be high.

Tosa may be a rare breed and can be expensive to get and maintain. If you're unable to hide these expenses then this is often not an honest dog to look for.

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