Buckeye Puppies Reviews

  Buckeye Puppies Reviews

BuckEyePuppies advertises puppies to local breeders and pet stores in Ohio. We aren't a middleman, we only connect you with breeders and other sellers. There are many advantages to purchasing directly from a breeder, puppies are often better socialized, and in most cases, you'll see the precise location your puppy was born. you'll also talk to the breeder and discuss the parent's characteristics, the puppy's personality, etc. you'll also find that the majority of advertisers only have one or two family pets, although buying from the pet store can have advantages, like a uniform vaccination plan, etc.

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BuckEyePuppies.com — I bought a typical poodle (Jayce) approximately I assumed. he's not a full poodle 

I bought an idea was a typical poodle from buckeye puppies. he's not a full poodle and that I paid tons of cash for him. I'm so pissed because that's what I wanted. I ask them was it the origin poodle and he's not. he's a labradoodle or Goldendoodle or something mixed. he's a very cute puppy, but he's hot what I purchased . and these people are cheating people out f their money and that I need a refund or at the very least half my refund 


I purchased a Boston bull puppy from a breeder advertising on this site. The pup was sick and that I ended up taking him to the Animal hospital within 24 hours of purchase. He has pneumonia. Has been on antibiotics ever since. The breeder won't respond. I do know nothing is often done now. All I might like now are to possess the breeder banned from selling on their site going forward. I emailed them but was just told to contact the breeder. No help there.


I realize that BuckeyePuppies.com is simply an inventory site, but BUYER BEWARE!!! We adopted a beagle last Friday from a home at the address provided above. The "breeder" said the puppy had "had all his puppy shots" and had been "dewormed." We got him home on Friday, 7/26/19 at 4:00 and had him at the vet subsequent morning at 11:30 thanks to extreme itching. We acknowledged he has mange! which will be a minimum of a month's treatment and therefore the poor dog is suffering. At an equivalent time, we provided a stool specimen. We just got the results back today (Tuesday, 7/30/19) and therefore the puppy has roundworm and giardia! We may also have adopted a stray animal!

I reached bent the "breeder" that I had been texting with, who is that the wife of the person we saw once we bought the puppy. Her response once I informed her of what we had discovered - which is all I did - inform her - I didn't make any demand of any kind - - was to call me a liar. She said they hadn't had the other complaints about any puppy they've ever sold which she "didn't know what to inform me." I followed up together with her asking if we could just have the precise vaccination information that we had asked for repeatedly. She responded that she didn't know the specifics, just "your basic puppy shots."

I then texted saying that her response of, "I don't know what to inform you, " was completely inappropriate which an expression of concern for the puppy and a suggestion to form things right were so as. Her response, "Yeah, well, once we had the puppy, there was nothing wrong with it." Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. Yeah, the puppy got mange, roundworm, and giardia within the 30 hours that we had him in our home before taking him to the vet and not from the barn they kept him.

So, we paid $200 (I know, that ought to are my first red flag) for a completely UNHEALTHY puppy and therefore the "breeder" never expressed the smallest amount of concern about the poor thing's health. Please don't EVER buy a puppy from the Miller's who survive this street and that I would suggest taking ANY puppy you purchase from Amish country to the vet for a check before paying for it. this is often just despicable, dishonest, and unethical behavior. I so regret my decision and would NEVER buy a dog this manner again! It's worthwhile to pay more for a dog from a REPUTABLE breeder, which can not describe many of the dogs on Buckeyepuppies.com.

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Is buckeye puppies a puppy mill ! 

When it involves having the worst puppy mills and dog sellers, Ohio isn't exactly the best in the show, consistent with an annual report from the Humane Society of us.

The Ohio, which is home to 13 problem puppy mills, ranked No. 2 within the agency's "Horrible Hundred" report.

Ohio came just behind Missouri, which had the most important number of problem puppy mills — 23 — for the sixth year during a row, consistent with the report.

The Humane Society recently published an inventory of 100 problem puppy mills and dog sellers to assist raise awareness about the cruel conditions at puppy mills. Puppy mills are large pet breeding operations focused on profit over animal welfare.

The Ohio breeders and stores listed within the report are located within the cities of Baltimore, Canton, Charm, Dundee, Fredericksburg, Louisville, Millers-burg, and Sugar Creek.

Do the Amish run puppy mills ! 

The dogs in these Amish mills are treated like livestock. they're going to spend their entire lives during a cage, being bred until they will longer produce. The Amish breeders that we've researched may have anywhere from 10 to over 1,000 dogs. These breeding dogs often spend their lives during a barn in stacked cages, only being removed to breed.

Frequently asked questions about Buckeye Puppies

1. Your prices seem low, these puppies are half the worth of my local shop. Why is that?

Remember that you simply are buying these puppies directly from the breeder. Usually, it's their family pet that has had the puppies. Pet shops got to make money, so that they mark the puppies up, if they might not, they would leave off business. Also remember that by going on to the breeder, the puppy isn't exposed to other dogs or is stressed from being moved around, which suggests he/she is going to be healthier, and happier.

2. Where did you get these dogs? is that this an enormous kennel?

No, BuckEyePuppies.com is an advertising venue. We don't raise puppies, only advertise them. (We aren't a “high volume broker” either like some misleading anti-pet people falsely claim. you usually call the breeder directly)

3. am I able to take the puppy home with me right away?

Yes, you can, as long because the puppy sufficiently old, and therefore the breeder accepts your sort of payment. we propose taking cash, as everyone accepts that. Some breeders accept money orders, credit cards, or PayPal, but you would like to verify that with the breeder before you leave.

We also suggest you're taking a pet carrier along, and confirm the puppy is going to be warm for the trip home. it's an honest idea to invite a rag or entertain the mother’s scent on, as this may help keep your puppy from feeling homesick.

4. I can’t find the breeder information.

Click on the image of the puppy you're curious about, and it'll open up an in-depth listing with the breeder’s telephone number.

5. am I able to begin an appearance at the puppy before I buy?

Sure – visitors are welcome with all our advertisers. Just call the amount on the listing to rearrange a visit, and confirm they're going to be home.

6. Where are you located?

Most of the breeders are located on the brink of Dundee Ohio. Check the listing for the town name or postcode. Always verify this info once you call the breeder.

7. I might like my puppy delivered - who am I able to call?

Call the breeder and see if they will arrange delivery for you.

8. I still have questions, how am I able to realize it is okay to buy a puppy from your site!?

Don’t take our word for it, leave an appearance at the puppy and where it's raised. Call the breeders and sellers– ask them questions. We get many testimonials from happy people that have found puppies on our site.

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