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إعلان في أعلي التدوينة

Dogs are close companions here within the states, but that’s not true everywhere. In many places, they’re street animals, unwanted strays, or maybe treated as livestock.

But in some places, dogs aren't merely eaten, they face horrific abuse before their deaths. Thankfully, people are making a difference in this area, and one among those groups is not any Dogs Left Behind.

23 Dogs Rescued from Abominable Meat Trade Finally Find Loving Families

“At No Dogs Left Behind, our mission is to finish the reckless slaughtering of animals by ending the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, illegal dog trafficking, and therefore the dog meat trade,” Jeff Beri, founding father of the group, told People.

“Our mission goes beyond this, though, and extends beyond borders by advocating for the creation and enforcement of worldwide animal welfare laws and raising awareness for a cruelty-free, sustainable world during which no animal is violated, exploited, tortured, or slaughtered for commercial goods or profit.”

23 Dogs Rescued from Abominable Meat Trade Finally Find Loving Families

“We confiscate the dogs, treat them, rehabilitate them, vaccinate them, sterilize them, get them adopted, and eventually get them home,” he added during an interview with News 12 Westchester.

“Funding is key to evacuate the survivors that are there so we could save more lives,” Beri told People.

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Beri works with other activists in China to grab dogs out of deplorable conditions and whisk them into new, loving homes across the ocean.

“In 2016, I hung up my suit and tie and visited China and never looked back,” he said.

So far, this year alone, the group has rescued quite 250 dogs and counting. the foremost recent group made it to NY on March 8.

“In case you missed it! Last night 27 Yulin and slaughterhouse survivors landed within the US at LAX airport!” stated a post from No Dogs Left Behind on March 6.

23 Dogs Rescued from Abominable Meat Trade Finally Find Loving Families

“Stay tuned for more video clips from their arrival including the outstanding efforts of our NDLB volunteers – you rock! – AND tune on Sunday for LIVE coverage as our survivors continue their journey to NY to satisfy their forever loving families!”

Over 20 pups visited new homes (No Dogs Left Behind originally said 27 pups were saved, but later pegged the amount at 23), and other people came from Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, and Connecticut to adopt them.

“These dogs would haven't any life if we didn’t get them home,” Beri told News 12.

The live video of the introductions is heartwarming, with many barking dogs, wagging tails, and excited new owners. There are many beaten-down dogs also who seem hesitant, but their lifetime of pain and abuse is behind them, and their best days are ahead.

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