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إعلان في أعلي التدوينة

A dog that was feared washed bent sea after chasing a duck along a beach has been found quite 16 hours after it disappeared.

Springer spaniel Tilly depart in pursuit of the bird during a walk on the shore at Garwick, near Baldrine, on Thursday afternoon.

Isle of Man dog found 16 hours after disappearing into the se

The eight-year-old pooch wasn't discovered until Friday morning on some rocks to the south of the beach.

Hayley Varney said she "kept crying" and it felt "amazing" to be reunited.

"You don't need to think the worst but when the ocean is like that then you are doing," she added.

Tilly had been on a walk with Ms. Varney's father when the drama unfolded.

Despite attempts to call the dog back, it swam out into the rolling sea until it could not be seen.

Ms. Varney continued: "She doesn't normally leave swimming, which is that the annoying thing, but when she catches the attention of a duck then she is going to be gone."

v Isle of Man dog found 16 hours after disappearing into the se

Douglas coastguard spent about two hours scouring the coastline but had to prevent as the light faded, before a member of the general public spotted the dog earlier.

"We went and had a glance at a couple of places but we couldn't see anything," Ms. Varney said.

"She went around the south as if she was heading towards Groudle and therefore the gentleman who found her saw her on the rocks and managed to coax her down and brought her back to the beach."

After returning home for a sleep, Tilly has been doing well and would soon be out for walks again, Ms. Varney said.

"We might avoid the ocean for a touch while," she added.

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