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 Parents have long known about the special bond between children and dogs. These canine friends are fiercely loyal to their charges while being incredibly lovable to them. Kids can tug on their ears, pull their tails, and play with their pet food, while the dogs patiently take all the unintended abuse. In honor of this loving relationship between dog and child, I even have compiled fun information about dogs which will be fun for teenagers to find out.

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  • How Dogs See the planet 

Have you ever considered how dogs view the world? Some people think that dogs are unable to ascertain colors, but this is often not true. Dogs see the planet in color, even as we do. However, colors to dogs aren't as vivid as they're to human eyes. believe how the planet looks at dusk when the sun is setting and colors start to dissolve. that's pretty on the brink of how dogs see colors.

Even though canines don't see color as equivalent as we do, they see far better in low light. the rationale for this is often because they need a layer just behind their retina that reflects light to their eyes, allowing them to ascertain better than we do with little light. consider it as a kind of reflector, such as you see on bike pedals. you'll sometimes even see this reflector once you take flash pictures of your dogs. Their eyes appear as if they're glowing due to the reflector.

  • Dogs And Smell

You probably already know that canines have a far better sniffer than humans have. But does one skill much better? Amazingly, dogs are ready to smell 100,000 times better than people! this is often why dogs are employed by police and therefore the military for locating things like bombs and medicines.

It is due to their amazing olfactory senses that they are doing not see also as people. they do not get to believe their eyesight the maximum amount as we do because they will smell such a lot quiet we'll ever be ready to smell.

  • Dog Nose Prints

If you've got a dog, then you're very conversant in seeing nose prints on windows throughout your home. I bet, however, that this tiny little bit of information about dogs will come as a surprise to you. Did you recognize that the pattern found on each dog's nose is unique?

Just like our fingerprints, no two dog prints are alike. People are even ready to identify dogs by watching the prints left by their wet noses. Next time you see a nose print on your window, take a better look to ascertain your dog's unique pattern.

  • Dogs Are Family, Too

If you've got a dog, does one include your pet's name when signing birthday and holiday cards? If you are doing, then you're not alone. Over 70% of individuals do exactly that.

Not only do families include their dog's names on cards, but they also include them in photos. Yes, you read that right. About 58% of families include their dogs in their family photos. This proves that dogs are apart of families.

  • Not All Dogs Bark

Our information about dogs wouldn't be complete without a fun fact on their barks. For better or for worse, dogs are known for his or her barks. Barking may be a way of alerting us to danger, of telling us they're happy, or for communication between other canines.

Did you recognize, though, that there's one breed of dog that can't bark? It's true. This wolf-dog came from Africa. The basenji breed of dog somehow evolved without a bark. It does resound, however. It can growl and howl, like other dogs, and rather than bark, it yodels.

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  • Bringing Your Dog Home Facts About Dog Adoption

Bringing a rescue dog

It is often very scary to bring a rescue dog if you're not conversant. If you've got never a rescue dog before then you'll become puzzled whether you've got done the proper thing or not just in case of bringing the rescue dog to the home. there's no got to be a worry in the least. Even the dog's owner those that have much experience keep dogs can desire that. there's no harm therein because this shows that you simply are taking the responsibility very seriously.

But the thing that must be worried about is that if you're anxious about your dog then just think what proportion worried your new pet dog is going to be. you'll express your feelings to others and take advice but it can't. it even doesn't skills to behave in its new home. this is often also possible that it's been treated badly or harshly in its old home and he's not feeling good with you now or if it's thinking that this house is also a short-lived home for it and it's to go away this home too. So, if you would like to stay your rescue dog happy then just provide it a cheerful atmosphere. you'll determine the symptoms of stress in dogs.

Symptoms or signs of stress and tips to deal with them

• Panting: dogs pant once they feel stress. Though they typically pant to stay cool and relaxed it's also different of showing their stress. If your dog also does an equivalent then you do not get to be a worry. Just take it to the vet for the checkup. Your pet will soon become habitual of your home's environment.

• Whining: This is often quite common in many dogs especially at night when the dog is alone in its new bed. it's been removed from the encompassing that was familiar thereto so to stay calm you would like to travel to your pet within the first few nights. during this way, it'll remain calm that it's not alone in home and its master has not left it alone.

• Following: this is often another sign of stress. The cure of this symptom is that does not make it an excessive amount of habitual of you. Just treat it with a low, tender voice and avoid constant patting especially within the beginning.

• Fear of noise and people: Your dog is simply sorted of a kid. They are often scared by the strange noises and other people. Remember that it's been treated badly in its old home so it is often scared by the tough voices. Treat it kindly.

• Run Away: If the rescue dog runs away then it means it's not feeling good in your home. So, provide it an honest atmosphere and treat it amorously.

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