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 Animal shelter dog “Quattro” may go for police: sheepdog gets an exception

Austria: Police dogs are even as deserving parts of the authorities as their human colleagues.

Animal shelter dog “Quattro” may go for police: sheepdog gets an exception

They, too, put their health on the road day after day, chase criminals, hunt missing persons and may solve some tasks far better than we humans can.

For a dog to be suitable for police service, several very tough criteria must be met.

Not all breeds of dogs are suitable for police service; only specific animals are even considered.

Also, candidates must normally be breeding dogs and are available from pure and purposeful breeding.

Quattro” doesn't have all this, and yet he's now allowed to start training as a working dog. From the animal shelter to the police – a path sort of a fairy tale.

Animal shelter dog “Quattro” is allowed to figure for the police

The Lower Austrian police have found a really special new candidate for a post with them.

The Belgian sheepdog dog “Quattro” actually lived the past weeks and months within the animal shelter and thus already falls outside the rules of the authority.

But since the shelter dog has very special talents, the police make an exception for him.

At the age of slightly below ten weeks, the German shepherd was found tied to a tree during a park in Vienna-Ottakring.

A passer-by freed him and brought the four-legged friend to the animal shelter “TierQuarTier”.

There they named the four-legged friend “Quattro” and immediately took him in. Until an employee observed the skills of the German shepherd more closely and noticed what proportion potential the dog had.

She contacted the police, who then had a suitability test done by the Federal Training Center for Police Service Dog Handlers.

Quattro was certified as an appropriate working dog by the office in Vienna-Strebersdorf. Shortly thereafter, Quattro was assigned to the working dog department of the Lower Austrian provincial police station.

Now the brave four-legged friend from the animal shelter is being trained for twenty-four months to become police protection, tracking, and rummaging dog.

A story just like the dishwasher who became a millionaire. Quattro shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from if you usually believe your strengths and find people that believe you.

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