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Just about everybody loves a puppy. What's to not love? Okay, maybe there are a couple of things -- like accidents within the house, chewing your things, nipping..

10 Things You Should realize Your New Puppy

  • Here are a couple of things that you simply should realize about your new puppy:

1. once you bring your new puppy home he doesn't know considerably. He's spent most of the primary weeks of his life living together with his mother and siblings, who are dogs. meaning he knows some basic dog things, like the way to whimper and bark to urge attention. He knows the way to poop on papers. His breeder may have taught him a couple of things but there wasn't time to show him considerably. Your puppy is just about a blank slate. It's up to you to show him everything he must know.

2. Your puppy may be a little animal, not a little person during a furry suit. He has instincts and can always react as an animal when he doesn't know what to try to do. meaning that your puppy can bite and scratch and hurt somebody if he is not supervised and trained. He needs training while he's young so that he doesn't get older to be a badly-behaved dog.

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3. Puppies need socialization. Socialization is the process of introducing your puppy to the large, wide world and everything in it. Your puppy must-go places, see new things, and meet people. He should learn that new things and new people are good. Socialization teaches a puppy to be confident and helps him later in life. Well-socialized puppies tend to not develop behavior problems afterward.

4. you ought to begin training your puppy early. you'll train a dog throughout his life but it is often easier and advisable to start out training a puppy when he's young. Teach your puppy courtesy and a few basic obedience skills like Sit and are available. you'll take him to Puppy Preschool or Puppy Kindergarten classes where he can learn some simple obedience and luxuriate in some socialization at an equivalent time.

5. Your puppy will presumably chew on things so you ought to attempt to "puppy proof" your house the maximum amount as possible. Put away your shoes and other things that he can reach. When your puppy chews on things take them away. If you catch your puppy within the act of chewing on something he is not alleged to chew on, you'll correct him (no physical punishments). Otherwise, if you do not catch him, you ought to let it go. there's no point in correcting a puppy or dog for something that has already happened. Your puppy or dog won't know why they're being corrected.

6. Puppies may nip, bite too hard when playing or just get too raucous. once they do, you ought to stop twiddling with them and ignore them. If they continue, you ought to call a time-out. Time-outs work with puppies even as they are doing with children. If your puppy nips you, you ought to yelp and let him realize it hurts. If he even touches his teeth to your skin, yelp and does not play with him. If you stop twiddling with him whenever he tries to nip he will stop nipping.

7. If you've got children teach them that they can not mistreat a puppy. Tell them to not stare at a puppy or otherwise make the puppy uncomfortable. The puppy may lunge at them. And, if they run away screaming from a puppy, the puppy will chase them. Not all kids are happy with that fact. Children under six should be supervised once they play with puppies.

8. Puppies may whine and bark and whimper for attention. Sometimes you'll need to ignore them, especially if you would like to urge any sleep.

9. Do confirm that your puppy gets all of his vaccinations on schedule. See that he takes heartworm preventive and flea medication if he needs it in your area. Your puppy's health and well-being depend upon proper veterinary care. you ought to also confirm that you simply are feeding him an honest pet food with meat protein sources.

10. Puppies are adorable and that they will cause you to do whatever they need.

Those are a couple of belongings you should realize puppies. celebrate together with your puppy and should he (or she) get older to be an exquisite dog.

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