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إعلان في أعلي التدوينة

 You already own a dog and now you think that it's time to urge another one.

Maybe because your dog is getting older and you would like to offer him an opportunity to show a young one the way to be your perfect companion or perhaps because you are feeling that a dog is usually happier when he's with someone of his kind.

Over the years I even have introduced many puppies to the dogs living in my household and not once did I encounter any significant issue.

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My routine may be a very simple one and it rests on three principles:

1. The older dog always comes first

2. The older dog isn't put into second place

3. The older dog isn't scolded for setting boundaries for the puppy

This means that visitors to my house should make a fuss about the older dog first before they concentrate on the puppy. In this manner, I confirm that my older dog's feelings aren't getting hurt and no jealousy arises.

When food is being handed out, the old dog gets fed first, the puppy follows. puppies got to be fed more often than my older one always gets a touch something in his bowl too.

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Never feed puppy and dog together without close supervision!

Puppies, as you'll remember from when your older dog was young, are often a menace. Their teeth are sharp and really pointed and that they just don't accept no for a solution. this is often why the older dog can get bothered quite a bit and wishes to line boundaries. this might look more dangerous than it is. The growl and sudden snapping are supposed to frighten the puppy away - often leading to a scream from the baby because it tries to inhibit the older's aggression instinctively. Don't punish your older dog when this happens, it's quite a normal thing for canines to try to do.

Always watch the pair of them and protect your older dog from puppy attacks if he tries to urge away and shows his disgust.

Never allow your older dog to show the puppy the principles of the house by putting a toy ahead of himself, tempting the puppy to require it. This causes problems because in his eagerness to guard his toy or bone the older dog may accidentally injure the puppy.

Introducing a puppy to an older dog

1. a while before the puppy arrives tell the older dog that he will have a replacement friend soon. Tell him all about the baby and specifically ask him to simply accept it and be a really good foster mummy or foster daddy.

2. When the day has come, confirm that somebody is together with your older dog once you arrive home with the puppy - you would like two people to try to do this right.

Make sure there are not any toys about as this might cause problems.

3. Carry your puppy in your arms to the door and convey him into an area of your choice, put him down so he can do a piddle, and explore a touch.

4. Ask the person to select a puppy up whilst you allow the space to greet your dog, reenter the room with your older dog on the lead. Approach other person and puppy and permit your dog to smell the puppy. If your dog shows no aggression, put the puppy down. Your older dog will want to research the puppy, being all excited.

5. You sit on the ground together with your dog and your puppy and watch the 2 of them, ensuring that nothing bad happens.

6. Allow your dog to travel away if he feels he has had enough.

It is quite normal for your dog to feel a touch disgusted by the youngster but this may soon pass, provided you follow the Dos and Don'ts.

Canines are very sociable animals and that they will soon make friends, given every week or two.

As a loving and dedicated dog owner, you aspire to try whatever you'll to form your four-legged friend happy.

Protecting him from harm, providing the simplest possible nourishment and lifestyle also as educating him well are important for his overall well-being.

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