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Home ‘My dog probably would be dead’ if not for Alexandria Bay officer who shot two pit bulls attacking retriever, owner says

‘My dog probably would be dead’ if not for Alexandria Bay officer who shot two pit bulls attacking retriever, owner says

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‘My dog probably would be dead’ if not for Alexandria Bay officer who shot two pit bulls attacking retriever, owner says

ALEXANDRIA BAY — it had been about noon on a recent Friday when two pit bulls charged at a lady and her dog while they were on a walk near Alexandria Central School.

There were no witnesses because the pair of pit bulls began attacking, refusing to prevent and certain on their thanks to killing the woman’s dog and a minimum of injuring her, on the other hand, a politician came on the scene.

My dog probably would be dead

Students were in school when two gunshots were fired within the street outside on Sept. 25. Josh David, the officer responsible for village police, later said the officer did everything he could to avoid firing his weapon, but there was no choice, leading to a tragedy and life-saving effort at an equivalent time. No students were outside and it appears nobody inside heard the shots. Mr. David called the district superintendent to brief him on the incident. the varsity would later issue a message to oldsters about the gunfire on Facebook, which was taken down shortly after it had been posted.

Mr. David said it had been about 11:42 a.m. when a village policeman was dispatched to a complaint of loose dogs that were acting aggressively within the Gordon Court elderly community off Bolton Avenue. The officer responded and located two pits bull-mix dogs the dimensions of Labrador retrievers, without collars or tags on, running across Alexandria Central School property. That was a chief concern for the officer. that they had prior incidents of those same dogs running loose within the village, and now they were deed from the playground area.

“Obviously,” Mr. David said, “there was a priority that if they were to return there and there have been kids out there playing, possibly the youngsters would are attacked.”

The officer first tried calling the village dog control officer, who wasn’t available, so he called Jefferson County Dog Control. A county dog control officer told the officer where the 2 pit bulls survive Walton Street, therefore the officers went there and knocked on the door.

The owners weren’t home, Mr. David said, therefore the officer called dog control back, who were ready to contact the owners.

The officer then returned to Gordon Court, where the dogs were last seen, and that they weren’t there. The officer began patrolling in his vehicle for the dogs, driving down Bolton Avenue when he saw them again running toward the hockey arena across the road from the varsity. He tried his horn to scare them far away from the world, on the other hand, they saw a dog.

The two pit bulls noticed Brianna Sposato walking her Nova Scotia retriever, Levi, down Bolton Avenue. That’s when the 2 pit bulls began attacking the retriever.

Mr. David said the officer got out of his car, ran toward the attack, and commenced trying to tug the dogs apart. That wasn’t working so he struck Hell bulls a few times. He tried those tactics but knew they weren’t working.

Even when he shot the primary pit bull, the opposite didn’t react and continued attacking the retriever, forcing him to fireside a second shot. Both pit bulls were shot once, Mr. David said and were dead at the scene.

“It was the pis aller,” he said. “He (responding officer) tried other tactics. Those didn't work, so he had no other choice than to draw his firearm and shoot them.”

The retriever, Levi, suffered several puncture wounds and a laceration to its leg. He said the dog would need to do a minimum of one follow-up appointment with a vet for possible ligament damage.

It’s still a deeply upsetting and sensitive matter for Ms. Sposato, but she said it could are much worse if the officer wasn’t there.

“I appreciate everything (the) officer did on behalf of me and my dog,” she said during a text message. “... if he wasn’t there, my dog would probably be dead and that I injured a minimum of .”

She said Levi is recovering well.

“Still browsing some ups and downs,” she said, “but overall still going strong.”

Mr. David said Hell bulls were fixated on Ms. Sposato’s dogs during the attack, avoiding her completely for the nonce. He also confirmed no students were outside to ascertain what happened, and no other witnesses have come to the fore. The owners are notified, and while they were devastated, Mr. David said they understood what happened and why the top result was what it had been.

“For any folks that might need to do this, even for a traditional citizen put therein situation, it’s a tragedy,” he said. “Nobody wants to try to to it, but when you’re left with no other choice, you've got to try to what you've got to try to to .”
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