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How to get a puppy to stop chewing

Puppies are like tiny tornadoes. they're so filled with energy and joy that it sometimes takes a touch of labor just to stay up with them or clean after them. They never cease being cute and adorable even once they start biting, which may be a problem, considering that it isn't the type of behavior you would like to encourage and you've got to prevent your puppy from biting.

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Why puppies (and dogs in general) bite?

Biting for the members of the canine family may be a basic behavior meant to determine dominance. this is often because dogs tend to make packs and even at a young age, puppies use biting to undertake to line up their standing. Dogs are domesticated for therefore long that they need a bent to take humans as fellow members of the pack.

So the next time your puppy tries to bite you, don't consider it as an exception. he's programmed to try to do this. it's up to you to form sure he doesn't roll in the hay in such how on the harm you, people, other dogs, or himself. Finding ways a way to stop your puppy from biting is extremely important.

What are you able to do to prevent your puppy from biting?

Before you're taking him home if you're close to getting a puppy, confirm he has stayed together with his mother and therefore the other puppies until he's about 8 to 10 weeks old. Puppies will benefit more from this proximity to their mother and therefore the other members of the litter because this is often where they learn behavior. this may make it easier for you to prevent your puppy from biting.

Puppies, as soon as they will get up and move, begin play-biting with their mother and other puppies. It's all fun and games for a short time until one among them bites down too hard. They also play-bit their mother and if you've watched this activity before, you'll know that mother dogs don't usually mind. That is, of course, until the bite becomes harder and for this, the offending puppy gets reprimanded with a warning growl or a light-weight snap.

By staying together with his mother and other puppies within the litter long enough, a puppy learns to switch his behavior and refine his communication skills. By the time you're taking him home, he's better equipped to speak properly, especially with other dogs and it'll be easier to prevent your puppy from biting.

Train your puppy for beginners

Train your puppy. For starters, establish your leadership. Your puppy could also be cuddly and vulnerable-looking, but he had wolves for ancestors. They answer how the leader of the pack treats them. confirm your puppy understands that he cannot bully you. If he starts to bite, react. Squeal if you've got to, to let your puppy know that you simply are displeased which you should not be bitten this manner you'll stop your puppy from biting.

Another way to prevent your puppy from biting is to substitute your hand (or leg) with a toy. this may teach the puppy that he can bite other things but not your body parts.

Use punishment, but not too harshly. If your puppy bites hit his muscle lightly. If he continues, hit a touch harder. this does not mean you've got to hit him too hard - you only need to give him a physical warning that's enough to point out you are doing not like what he's doing.

You can also withdraw your attention as a sort of reprimand. Ignore his biting or walk off from him. Some puppies might look dejected if you are doing this and you would possibly be tempted to travel back and provides him a pat, but doing so will make your puppy think that his biting is okay and this may not stop your puppy from biting. refund your attention only as a way to reward good behavior.

Provide socialization. Puppies who are socialized can behave better than puppies that haven't been exposed to other humans and animals. do that before he's 3 months old. The more he's wont to people, the more he can behave properly ad you'll stop your puppy from biting easily.

Don't expect puppies to seek out on their own the way to behave. As his human companion, you must show them what's right and wrong, a minimum of from the human point of view. Contrary to what it's like, biting isn't a sort of affection and if you teach your puppy to prevent, you'll be rewarded with an exquisite companion and a priceless human-canine relationship.

If you've got tried everything and yet you discover no success to prevent your puppy from biting don’t lose hope. Did you recognize that you simply can stop your puppy’s aggressive behavior easily with dog obedience training? Put an end to the strain and annoyance of your dog's behavior problems and slash your dog obedience training time in half by using techniques that offer you immediate results
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