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The most beautiful types of dogs

Having a dog reception helps an individual get some benefits, including, that raising dogs helps to exercise on a day to day, where the dog is standing next to the door waiting to travel out for a walk, which inspires the person to steer for thirty minutes, and therefore the presence of those animals within the house helps to scale back the extent of stress, by twiddling with the dog or patting it, studies have shown that owning dogs helps reduce stress hormones, and breeding can help improve the social life of an individual, so people can start a conversation with the dog's owner during Taking a walk with him outside, and it's been proven that dogs have a tremendous sense of smell so that it can discover that an individual has cancer while it's in its early stages, and studies have also shown that dog breeders have better heart health than others because it reduces the human incidence of heart attacks.
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  • The most beautiful sorts of dogs

Around the world, there are a variety of dogs with a gorgeous and attractive appearance, and therefore the most beautiful of those dogs are:

Chow Chow dog: The Chow Chow dog may be a distinct breed that originated in China because it features a blue and hairy tongue, and it's believed that this sort of dog is one among the oldest breeds that are genetically on the brink of a wolf animal, and therefore the name Cao Tsu was derived from English term utilized in The nineteenth century, which suggests goods coming from the east, and therefore the Chow Chow dog is distinguished by its large head, and its body covered with thick fur that forms densely around the neck area and has curly hair on the tail area, and therefore the small dog of this sort weighs between 20-32 kilograms, And an adult dog weighs between 43-51 kg.

 Yorkshire dog: The Yorkie dog developed within the English provinces, especially in Yorkshire and Lancashire, within the mid-nineteenth century AD. Dogs are small in size, with a weight of fewer than three kilograms, and a length of between 20-30 cm, and it ranks second among the foremost popular dogs within us of America.

 Chihuahua dog: a shoe within the name of the Mexican city of Chihuahua, where it appeared within the nineteenth century AD, and this dog is characterized by being dumb and little in size, weighing between half a kilogram to 3 kilograms, and this dog features a round head, prominent eyes, and erect ears, and is distinguished Its fur is soft, long and glossy.

 The poodle: the variety of sorts, and therefore the cover of this sort of dog is characterized by being curly, and its size is that the size of a little puppy. This breed of dog is employed in hunting and circus work, thanks to its ability to smell and find out edible fungi.

 Ragotto Romanello dog: Ragotto Romianello is taken into account one among the gentle and talented Italian dogs, and this sort of dog is distinguished by its ability to smell truffles that grow underground, and this sort weighs 15.9 kilograms, and this sort is distinguished by its curly and dense cover, and it trains easily, and it can train On catching truffles.

Kooikerhondje: is taken into account one among the dogs descended from the old Dutch breeds that were wont to hunt ducks, and therefore the cover of those dogs is orange, red, and white, and weighs about 10 kilograms, and this sort of dog are often suffering from a variety of health problems like epilepsy This family has nearly extinct after war II.

  • How to take care of dogs

 an individual must skill to require care of dogs before bringing them home, because dogs need psychological and physical care, and one among the foremost important methods of caring for the subsequent is:
  •  The dog must be fed high-quality food, that's specific to dogs, and you want to avoid feeding him with human foods, or giving him chocolate, avocados, grapes, or dough.
  •  Offer your dog some water, as water is simply as important as food.
  •  The health of the dog must be taken care of by taking it to the doctor to look at it periodically while giving the dog his vaccinations, which are against common diseases while preserving the dates on which the dog took his vaccinations.
  •  The dog must obtain his identity chip, which is placed within the upper area of the shoulder under the skin, to use a syringe during a microscope, as each of those slides contains its number, and therefore the information about the dog is recorded with the contact numbers of the dog's owner.
  •  The dog's body is often brushed periodically, as this helps to assess the condition of the dog's body, and this is often through the utilization of the comb and comb.
  •  The dog must be kept clean, by washing the dog with water and shampoo for dogs, and this will be done once a month, counting on the condition of the dog and its activities.
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