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  • Description of Pug Dog

  The Pug may be a small dog, considered by some to be a dwarf Mastiff. it's a solid, compact animal with the dogs measuring 12 to 14 inches and weighing up to twenty pounds. The bitches are generally two inches shorter and weight 13 to 18 pounds. The Pug is documented for its short, wrinkled face and a curled tail that rests on its back. The baby Pugs are sometimes called Piglets. The Pug's coat color is often black, fawn (often with a darker facial mask), silver, or apricot. Other names for the Pug include Mops, Chinese Pug Dog, or Carlin. The Pug can live for up to fifteen years.

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  • History Of Pug Dog

 Two schools of thought contend over the origin of the Pug. it's the foremost generally accepted that the Pug came into being in Asia and maybe a descendant of the Pekingese. it had been mentioned within the writings of Confucius and was a favorite among the Chinese royalty and nobility. The Pug was also kept in Tibetan monasteries. it had been the Dutch Malay Archipelago Company that brought the Pug to Europe within the 16th century. The Pug was almost instantly popular and is featured during a self-portrait of the artist Hogarth.

  • The properties of Pug Dog


The Pug is an affectionate, outgoing dog that likes to be around people. it's something of a clown and sometimes amuses its family with its playful antics. The Pug is extremely good with children and enjoys twiddling with them. The Pug may be a confident and alert dog which will keep an eye on the house, without excessive happiness. It gets along fine with other dogs and family pets.

Health Issues

 thanks to its short muzzle, the Pug is vulnerable to the standard problems that affect brachycephalic breeds. The Pug will snore and wheeze and may suffer from "snort attacks", which are alarming but not dangerous. The Pug can suffer from hip dysplasia, and this happens during a majority of those dogs. take care that your Pug doesn't become overweight as this will make breathing and joint problems worse. a really serious ailment is Pug Dog Encephalitis, which causes brain inflammation in young dogs. Cesarean delivery is usually necessary to deliver the pups.


The lighter colored Pugs, fawn and apricot, are often fairly heavy shedders, especially seasonally, and will be brushed regularly. The black Pug sheds much less and doesn't get to be attended the maximum amount. The wrinkly face of the Pug must be kept clean and dry as infections can develop within the moist wrinkle creases.

Living Conditions

The Pug is ideal for indoor living, being equally comfortable during a house or apartment. It should have a daily walk to stay healthy, but these should be skipped in the weather. due to the short face of the Pug, it must be shielded from both heat and cold. It can suffer heatstroke very easily and will be kept cool during the summer. The Pug will want to be with its human family the maximum amount as possible.

  • How to Have a Healthy Happy Pug ?

Pugs make great pets, but to possess a healthy and long-lived companion, you would like to review some Pug dog information on the care of this particular breed. While pugs are typically a simple dog to worry for, they are doing have some special considerations that you simply should realize.

One interesting difference between the pug and other breeds is that the folds of skin on his face that give him that cute "wrinkly" appearance. While these are among the foremost memorable characteristics of the pug, they will even be a hazard. Inside these folds, dirt and bacteria can accumulate. this will cause tons of health problems for your little pet, but luckily these are often avoided if you merely clean out the skin in between the folds periodically.

One piece of Pug dog information that new owners don't often receive is information about the pug's eyes. On this breed, the eyes are set far to the side and sometimes protrude out from the face. due to this, your Pugs eyes can become lacerated or injured very easily. Therefore, you want to look out when twiddling with or walking your pug to ensure he doesn't injure his eyes. One thing to observe out for is that the food and water bowl that you simply have for your pet. confirm they're wide enough to go away room on the side of his head as you do not want his eyes rubbing on the side when your pet tries to eat.

When it involves grooming, your Pug is not any different from most dogs. albeit he has short hair, he does shed and you'll get to brush him a few times every week. manicure is additionally necessary for this tiny dog like the other dog. Proper care may be a must and you ought to attempt to brush your Pugs teeth a day and, if the plaque build-up is just too great, schedule a dental scaling together with your vet.

Due to his physical characteristics, your Pug could also be susceptible to some health issues. one among these is the luxating patella or "trick knee" this is often where a little bone within the knee becomes dislocated. Sometimes this may pop back to place on its own, other times it'd require manual intervention and sometimes even surgery.

Due to his short muzzle, your pug could even be susceptible to the elongated soft palette which may affect the dogs breathing. this will range from mild to severe and should be correctable with surgery. If you notice your dog honking or snoring you would possibly want to say this to your vet.

These are a number of the items you would like to believe if you're adopting a Pug but don't allow them to scare you off. Every breed has it's own problems and therefore the Pug is certainly no worse off than the other sort of dog.

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