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Dogo Argentino

  • Dogo Argentino Breed Origin

The origin and history of the Dogo Argentino dog breed begin, as evidenced by its name, in Argentina within the province of Cordoba. It's the solely recognized dog breed alive today that originates from this South American country. The Dogo Argentino (or sometimes the Argentinian Mastiff) was developed primarily by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez with the assistance of his brother Agustin. The brothers were both dog lovers and also avid hunters. Martinez wanted a dog that was an excellent hunter, fierce and constant, with great stamina and endurance while also being an excellent family pet and guardian. within the 1920s Dr. Martinez developed this massive breed dog by methodically and punctiliously crossing about ten different breeds together.

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  • The origin of the breed
The Dogo Argentino dog breed derives its origin from a mixture of dogs. the inspiration for the new breed was the now-extinct Old Cordoba Fighting Dog that was referred to as a fierce fighter and a proficient hunter but lacked many of the opposite qualities that Martinez was trying to find during a perfect dog. The Cordoba Fighting Dog was mixed with the good Dane, Bull Terrier, Boxer, Pointer, Great Pyrenees, Old English Bulldog, Irish wolfhound, Dogue de Bordeaux, and therefore the Spanish Mastiff. Each of those breeds added a component that Martinez sought because the ideal dog-like size, courage, stamina, spirit, color, power, etc., and Martinez used the Dogo Argentino to hunt boar, jaguars, and other game.

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  • The properties of Dogo Argentino


Dogo Argentinos are large dogs that grow to a record height of about 24 to 27 inches at the shoulder. Males tend to be slightly taller than females about an in. on the average. The breed usually weighs between 80 and 100 pounds. The body is typically slightly longer than its height, and Dogo Argentinos have large, wide heads that make them resemble the American Bulldog or the American Bull Terrier. Although these sizes are considered a "standard breed," some Dogo Argentinos could also be a touch larger or smaller.


The Dogo Argentino may be a loyal breed with a bent to be very territorial, which makes them a superb watchdog. they're violent advocates of their human families, even children, despite them being

-The health-

Dojo Argentino tends to possess some health problems. one of the most issues is deafness, with about 10 percent of dogs within the breed being deaf in one or both ears. this is often called pigment-related deafness, and it's found in mostly white-colored dogs, including Dalmatians, white Boxers, and white dogs. Other strains may develop, including hypothyroidism, glaucoma, and laryngeal paralysis. Dogo Argentinos can also suffer from hip dysplasia, which is common among larger breeds.


It is important to supply Dogo Argentinos with many exercise and mental stimulation, as they'll feel bored, anxious, and devastated if their needs aren't met. like dogs of any breed, you ought to continue with regular veterinary checks, keep their teeth clean, and decorate them as required. they ought to have their ears checked weekly and their nails trimmed monthly. Ask your veterinarian about your individual dog's needs and make certain to stay up with home care.


Dogo Argentinos will need a diet designed for giant breed dogs with many clean, water. they're a reasonably high energy breed, which should even be taken into consideration. Nutrition needs will change from childhood to adulthood. the simplest thanks to creating a correct feeding plan for your Dogo Argentino is to talk to your veterinarian or professional nutritionist about their needs. they're going to be ready to provide you with specific instructions.

-Coat color and grooming-

The Dogo Argentino features a short, white coat, although sometimes there's a plant disease on the top. Although the coat is brief and straightforward to take care of, the Dogo Argentino size makes grooming even harder. Dogo Argentinos should be cleaned weekly and bathed every three months or earlier if it gets bad. they're going to shed a good amount, but their coat length makes this less noticeable than long-haired breeds. it'll however have best to possess a Lint roller available.

-Children and other pets-

Dogo Argentinos are very loyal to their families, including children, as long as they're introduced and familiar with their presence. However, visiting children may present a touch more of a challenge, as this breed doesn't naturally infect strangers. Children should be supervised with dogs, even once they are a family, and that they should be trained in the way to interact with animals to avoid accidents. Socializing the Dog Argentinos early and training them to interact with new people and animals will help, and training starts earlier, the higher. Dogo Argentinos have a high prey drive, which may cause problems when it involves smaller pets, including cats and other dogs. they'll learn to interact with these animals if properly trained and socialized, but this breed is best fitted to a home that has no other pets or only has other large dogs.

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