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 History Of The Blue Bay Shepherd

The Blue Bay Shepherd may be a breed of dog currently in development to supply dogs that are wolf-like in appearance. they're named for his or her place of origin in Palm Bay, Florida and therefore the blue German shepherd Dogs, one among the breeds of their ancestry.

The German shepherd during which Blue Bay Shepherds evolved from maybe a breed of medium to large-sized dog that originated in Germany. The breed standard height at the shoulders from 24–26 inches. The weight from 66–88 pounds as adults.

Blue Bay Shepherds are charming, intelligent, and interesting dogs. they're unique and striking with their light eyes and blue-tinted coats.

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Purpose Of The Blue Bay Shepherd

Blue Bay Shepherds are intended to capture a number of her favorite physical features of wolves, during a breed that doesn’t have the stigma of being a wolfdog.

Several working dogs have contributed to their structure, but Blue Bays themselves are designed to be petted and live happily in people’s homes as companion animals.

As she puts it, Blue Bays should capture the appeal of a wolfdog, but with a temperament which suggests they’re less likely to be relinquished at a shelter because their owner can’t cope.

Fun Facts About Blue Bay Shepherds

Blue Bay Shepherds get their name from their color, and therefore the location where Spencer breeds them: Palm Bay, Florida.

Several Blue Bay Shepherds have their social media accounts, which suggests an awareness of them has probably spread faster than for the other new breed in history!


When Spencer began to make the Blue Bay Shepherd, she decided upon some very specific features:

  • their bluecoat
  • upright triangular ears, which aren’t overlarge or tall
  • light-colored eyes
  • and a straight back.

So Blue Bays have all of those.

Their coat is often long, or a medium-short length referred to as ‘plush’.

It's not literally blue – it’s a slate grey color, which frequently fades gradually as they mature.

How Big Are Blue Bay Shepherds?

  • Blue Bay Shepherds are HUGE dogs.
  • Females typically weigh 70-85lbs, and up to 100lbs.
  • Males usually weigh between 85-105lbs but have reached 130lbs.
  • Stood on their hind legs, they're easily tall enough to offer you an enormous friendly lick around the chops.
  • Something which their owners report they appear quite keen on doing!

What else do they wish to do?


Spencer is eloquent and hooked into the physical qualities she wants to encapsulate within the Blue Bay Shepherd breed.

But she says there’s something more important than all of them, which is their temperament.

A Blue Bay Shepherd should be affectionate, gentle, and trainable.

Early Blue Bay Shepherds are notable for just what proportion they love people.

They are not shy or timid, and Spencer has specifically avoided breeding from individuals with guarding tendencies, which also means they don’t tend to bark considerably either.

And whilst Blue Bays have an idler side, they even have rampant energy.

Owners report that they have several hours of exercise each day, and quickly resort to destructive behavior and escape artistry if they don’t catch on.

They’re also power-chewers, and clever enough to open doors and latches.

So how does one harness all that energy and ingenuity for good?

Training And Exercising

Since Blue Bays are so big, it’s especially important to show them courtesy.

Their size goes to intimidate people on walks, knock people to the bottom if they jump up, and make them difficult to regulate if they pull on a leash.

Good training begins with socializing them as a puppy so that they respond calmly and confidently to new people and environments when they’re grown up.

Like all breeds, the simplest thanks to teaching them courtesy is by using positive reinforcement to reward the proper behavior.

Using punishment will only reduce what proportion control you've got over them, and potentially make them resort to aggression.


It will be important to not over-exercise a Blue Bay as a puppy.

It takes longer for the joints of huge breed dogs to completely mature, and an excessive amount of impact on them in the meantime can cause permanent damage.

But once they’re adult, Blue Bays will need several hours of outside exercise a day.

This makes them ideal for people that love hiking or running, or who have a significant commitment to participating in dog sports.

Health And Care

Being a part of the origin story of a replacement breed is an exciting prospect.

But it comes with many unknowns, and one among those is how the general health of the breed goes to show out, or what their average anticipation is going to be.

Spencer has said that she is trying her best to avoid hip problems in Blue Bay Shepherds.

However, hip dysplasia may be a widespread hereditary hip disease among large dog breeds, and particularly German Shepherds, which have contributed such a lot to the Blue Bay breed.

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