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 Akita Inu Dog Breed Profile

  •  Description of Akita Inu

The Akita Inu may be a large dog with a robust, powerful build. The dog will measure 26 to twenty-eight inches at the shoulder and weigh from 75 to 120 pounds. The bitch is 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder with a weight of 75 to 100 pounds. The Akita features a dense double coat, consisting of a tough outer coat and a soft undercoat. The coat is usually found altogether colors, including red, fawn, brindle, and white. The ears of the Akita are small and erect and therefore the tail curls up over the hindquarters. The Akita features a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. This dog is additionally referred to as Akita Inu in Japan.

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  • History Of Akita Inu

 the Japanese island of Honshu, within the Akita Prefecture, was the birthplace of the Akita Inu. This dog was bred to be a sturdy guard and dog. because the prey animals included black bears, boar, and elk, the Akita was, necessarily a robust and determined hunter. it had been this dog's job to carry the quarry until the human hunters were able to make the kill. During the 19th century, the first Akita was bred to the Tosa, the Japanese fighting dog. This resulted during a dog that was larger and more aggressive than its Akita parent. The breed was diminished by a rabies outbreak at the start of the 20th century, and WWII caused many of those dogs to be sacrificed for his or her fur, which was needed for uniforms.

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  • The properties of Akita Inu


 The Akita Inu is extremely loyal and attached to its human family. One Japanese Akita was so loyal that it visited the railway station to satisfy its master for nine years after the master had died. The Akita features a very strong and dominant personality, however, so a firm master is required to coach the dog the way to behave properly. This dog must be socialized with other dogs and household pets while young. Although Akita loves children, its size makes it more suitable for older children than very young ones.

Health Issues

The Akita Inu is extremely susceptible to bloat, stomach torsion. If this happens, the dog must be taken to the veterinarian for immediate treatment. this is often a life-threatening situation that can't be treated reception. This dog features a small heart for its body size and is sensitive to anesthesia due to this. Your veterinarian should be made conscious of this if your Akita needs surgery. The Akita also can suffer from hip dysplasia and canine herpesvirus.


The Akita's coat needs quite a little bit of grooming to remain in top condition. It should be brushed with a stiff-bristled brush a minimum of once every week. When the coat is blown twice a year, it might be advisable to groom even more often than that.

Living Conditions 

The Akita Inu is extremely protective of its family and needs to be near them the maximum amount as possible. However, this is often a rugged dog with a thick coat that doesn't mind being outside in inclemency. The Akita can sleep in an apartment if the owner makes the trouble to offer the dog proper exercise. A house with a yard is perhaps a far better option so that the dog is going to be assured of enough exercise.

  • Is An Akita Inu The Right Dog For You?
The Akita Inu may be a large dog with a storied history. DNA testing has confirmed that it's one among the oldest known breeds of dog known to man. Even so, it's still a dog that's meant surely situations and personalities and there are a couple of things to think about before rushing out and finding one for your very own. Several of those are the dog's size, temperament, and basic needs.

The Akita Inu size is that the very first thing you ought to consider. As mentioned previously The Akita was wont to hunt large game animals and this required it to possess an outsized and intimidating physical presence. A fluffy poodle wouldn't do much good as a bear dog now would it? So before even considering if the Inu dog would be an honest pet choice you ought to confirm you would like and may handle the dimensions of such an outsized dog. The breed stands around 25 inches (63cm) at the shoulders and may weigh up to 100 pounds. this is often not getting to be a dog you'd confine a really small apartment.

After considering the dimensions you ought to even be conscious of the Akita temperament or the breed's personality to place it differently. As a dog from ancient Japan, the breed is often somewhat destructive if not exercised and trained correctly. The breed features a very high intelligence level and as a result, they will get bored and appearance for things to chew if you are doing not give them enough stimulation. thereupon said the Akita Inu is additionally a loyal dog. If you'll handle the responsibility that comes with the dog you'll revisit the foremost loyal companion you've got ever met. The Akita Inu is that the breed depicted within the true story of Hachiko during which the dog went day after day to satisfy his master coming home from the railway station. After Hachiko's master gave up the ghost the dog would still go day after day trying to find his master and never wavered in his loyalty.

Finally, you'll need to consider the entire package of the requirements of this dog breed. The Akita Inu will need an outsized area to exercise and sleep. additionally, you'll get to provide an outsized amount of food for the dog which can increase the financial responsibility.

As long as you think about this stuff and may meet the wants you'll find that an Akita is going to be the right companion for you. If so that they are often a loving and constant breed and that I wish you the simplest of luck find the right match for yourself.

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