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Belgian Malinois


The Belgian Malinois dog has its origin in Belgium where it had been bred during the 1900s. These dogs dog were bred to be intelligent and devoted dogs, especially within the city of Malines as they were favourites there and in Belgium.
  •  Breed group: Herding
  • Weight: 60-65 lbs
  • Height: male: 24-26 inches, female 22-24 inches
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The Belgian Malinois is one among the four different Belgian Sheepdogs. This breed is exceptionally smart and obedient. they need a significant demeanour with very strong protective and defensive instincts. However, a number of these dogs are often very timid and sensitive. this is often a dog that ought to be socialised from an early age onwards. The Belgian Malinois makes a superb pet that's loyal and thrives on companionship. this is often a dog which will get along well with children if socialised well with them. The Belgian Malinois won't had best if locked up during a kennel, and that they got to be included in family activities. These dogs require many time, attention, guidance and company. they could become destructive when left alone for too long. The Belgian Malinois may be a very energetic dog, and likes to have employment to try to to . 
These dogs even have a bent to bond closely with one person within the family. Belgian Sheepdogs can also intuitively exhibit herding behaviour like chasing while moving without effort for hours and nipping at other people's heels.


This breed should be socialised well from a really early age onwards as they're instinctively very protective. The Belgian Malinois may be a very demanding dog and can require an experienced owner. it's also important that the training of those dogs isn't cruel or overbearing, as this may cause them becoming stubborn. These dogs excel in working and competition obedience, and that they make wonderful guard and police dogs. At this stage this sort of labor is their main occupation.


The Belgian Malinois features a smooth, short-haired coat, and it doesn't have high grooming needs. Their coats are often brushed on a daily basis with a firm hair brush. they ought to also only be bathed when really necessary as excessive bathing can remove the waterproofing from their coats. This breed may be a light shedding dogs, but they are doing shed constantly and heavily twice during the year.

Health problems

This breed is extremely tough and doesn't have any major health concerns. Some concerns that prospective owners should remember of though includes skin allergies and eye problems. Occasionally they also suffer from hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

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